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Who thinks chris brown and rihanna should be getting married?

The other day I heard a rumor that chris and rihanna were getting married. Well she does have a rock on he rring finger, and it is beautiful. Chris shouldn't be getting married should he, he is still 19. HE is not even 20 yet.Who thinks chris brown and rihanna should be getting married?
If that's what they want to do they can get married and his fans should just be happy that he is happy with her instead of getting mad at him.Who thinks chris brown and rihanna should be getting married?
think that you question. Was very intresting because many pwople think that they should not get together because that he is so sexy and that theybwill have ugly cholerwnn so I think that your question as very intresting

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They should but its up to them they are good together but he might let down alot of his fans if it happens Cuz they love him so much and jus think of how theyll feel Hell be a changed different man if he gets married and not love his fans so much anymore cuz he loves Rihanna. Who know s it all up to him and her..............................
age does not matter when you are truly in love.. but cris is wanted a lot by fans and its going to be hard to be faithfull...but its up to her in the end. they do make a great couple
I HOPE NOT. I LOVE CHRIS BROWN. I mean i am a fan of Rihanna and all but she can't marry my chris brown. Where did you hear this...
I dont think they should because he would be letting down his fans .plus that is why everbody likes him because his cut and his single so that way i can dream about being married to him
Its true that he is very young, but so is she.

And they do make a really cute couple, with the matching tattooed stars on their neck... ahhhhhh.....

young love!!
HELLZ NA!!!he's my future husband not ri ri's even though she's REALLY pretty!!!
i defientley think they shud cos they make such a gr8 couple..his not letting him fans down its his life he cna do wat he wants and im sure ppl out there will still ADORE him no matter what x
I heard last night she is with Kanye now.
y would u care is it going to change your life any? and people under 20 get married all the time
me too there sweet together!! but rumors have been going around she cheated with kayne??? :o
i don't think they should

If I make $480 gross per week & am filing married with 0 dependents, how much Federal tax should be taken out?

I have health insurance totaling $65 per week. I think that's taken out BEFORE my gross income is taxed. I'm just trying to figure out if my employer is taking out enough taxes on me.If I make $480 gross per week %26amp; am filing married with 0 dependents, how much Federal tax should be taken out?
You can look on the IRS website at this link.,,id=164272,00.html.

But the calculation would come out to be $4,409.12 for the 2007 tax year for the Federal Tax. That is based on your gross pay for 52 weeks. The health insurance would be a deduction on your tax return.If I make $480 gross per week %26amp; am filing married with 0 dependents, how much Federal tax should be taken out?
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  • Can I amend tax return from Married Jointly to Married Single?

    I am changing a tax return from Married Jointly to Married Single? I am going to complete the standard deduction. Do I need supply my soon to be separated spouse with paperwork? What happens if he does not file a amended return?Can I amend tax return from Married Jointly to Married Single?
    There is no such filing status as married single. You can amend a joint return to married filing SEPARATELY up until the due date of the return, 4/15. After that, you can't amend from joint to separate.Can I amend tax return from Married Jointly to Married Single?
    Once you file jointly you cannot amend to any other status after the due date. IF you had both filed married separate and then amended to married joint that is ok. Below is a link to the actual form. You need to wait for your original return to be processed before sending in the amended or it will confuse the IRS. If it is not done by the due date then you cannot amend from mfj to mfs.

    There is no rule that says your spouse has to change status and file an amended. IF it isnt advantageous it isnt worth it. If he doesnt then you cannot.

    If you file married separate you both have to take the standard deduction or you both have to itemize. If you take the standard deduction first and he has a mortgage to itemize then he looses the chance and looses a lot of money. If he itemizes first then you have to and you lose.

    Usually you are better off to file jointly.
    Since you already filed a joint return, BOTH of you must amend to Married Filing Separately. If EITHER of you itemizes your deductions on your separate returns, BOTH of you must itemize even if this means that one of you must use a standard deduction of $0.

    To avoid any problems you need to coordinate your amended separate returns or you may both have a mess on your hands.

    You only have until April 15th to sort this out. After the filing deadline, you cannot amend a joint return to separate returns.
    If you were married on December 31, you really only have two choices - married filing jointly and married filing separately. There is a little known exception if your spouse lived apart from you for all of the last six months of the year, but that rarely applies to anyone.

    In just about all cases, you will pay significantly more in tax to file married separately than married filing jointly. You won't get the full standard deduction for example.

    But, if you are decided to do it, you should notify your spouse to do the same. just be aware that the tax bill for both of you will go up substantially.

    If this is really a case of ';who gets the refund'; then that is something that should be worked out in your divorce settlement. Don't pay the IRS more than you need to because the divorce isn't settled yet.

    Good luck.

    I was married only a few months when I left. What am I entitled to when I get the divorce?

    He was verbally abusive and had a drinking problem.I was married only a few months when I left. What am I entitled to when I get the divorce?
    I don't think that you will get anything.I was married only a few months when I left. What am I entitled to when I get the divorce?
    You are entitled to only half of property accumulated during the time of marriage only. So if you were together for a few years and got property, that doesn't count. If you had children and you get custody of them, you should get child support. I wonder though why you married him in the first place. You had to have known of his addictions and behavior before hand so why did you decide to marry? Not that I have any right to know the answer to that though, but it is something you should be considering yourself. The judge will ask the same question. You should also think about what you think you are entitled to, then most likely, divide that in half.
    What is it you are looking for? Better question would be why did you not see any of this before getting married?

    You are entitled to half of what you two acquired after getting married, or if you were contributing to something he owns prior to getting married.

    Sounds to me like you are looking to stick it to him, so I would suggest you better get a lawyer. No guarantee that you will get any more, but the courts are set up to favor clients with lawyers. That is so they can keep their tidy little business profitable.
    Probably nothing. Usually your entitled to half the property accumulated during the marriage and support (if you have children). Since your marriage lasted only a few months, most judges would simply have you take your own possessions and split the any remaining bills accumulated or items purchased or received during the marriage.
    This is gonna depend on how hard you fight...Ya'll were married~it doesn't matter how long. Also, if you live in a ';Community Property'; state. Check your state laws and see what they say about it. You could very well be entitled to half of everything. With him being abusive and an alcoholic-it's his fault for the divorce- YOU be the first to file for divorce. This makes a difference.
    I would think nothing,

    Alimony and such is designed to keep you in the lifestyle you have grown accustomed to.

    Three months is hardly enough time to get accustomed to a certain lifestyle. nor do i even think that you would want to stay accustomed to that lifestyle in the first place.

    Cut your losses and move on. that would be the best thing for you.
    It depends.... you will not likely be awarded alimony because of the extreme short amount of time you were married. However may still be entitled to half the marital assets depending on your state laws. Best to check with your county courthouse to see what the laws specify.
    The only thing you will be entitled to is half of what you two have accumilated during the marriage. EX half house car bills etc. Also child support if you have kids for him. And also if he cheated on you and can prove it you can get interim spousal support.
    What for!!!!!!! not at all鈥?/a>

    if you have children, child support.

    just be happy you're alive and safe.

    you wont get a dime though.
    Half of anything you obtained together during those few months if anything. You should have known about his vices before you married him.
    I assume you knew he was like that before marriage what makes you think your entitled to anything? Marriage doesn't make someone a better partner!
    I was married 4 months the first time and left with what I came with. I didn't want anything....Mine sold drugs and abusive but I wasnt entitled to anything.
    Depends on the state in which you reside. If you can leave with what you came into the marriage with- then run don't walk.
    Sounds a bit greedy. You were only married a couple of months and you left, why should you be entitled to anything?
    Your walking papers

    Answer: What ever the lawyer says you get !

    Better luck next time ....
    Nothing, you get what you came with.
    nothing move on

    Why do married Conservative men have affairs with men instead of women?

    Is it because they can't knock up men?Why do married Conservative men have affairs with men instead of women?
    I'm a Conservative Married man and have never had an affair.

    If I was going to, it certainly would not be with another man.

    What's your excuse?Why do married Conservative men have affairs with men instead of women?
    IMO ';conservative'; individuals have more hangups than Liberally minded people. They are generally more devoutly religious, less open minded about things of a sexual nature, and generally more single-minded and opinionated with their personal and political beliefs. On a political front,Conservative can be equated with Republican values. Open homosexuality is more common among Liberals and/or Democrats than among the ';good ol' boys'; who would be more inclined to repress and hide these sexual urges. Most Conservatives would rather hide in a false marriage to a female than openly display tendencies that would be offensive to other conservatives. Likely the need to ';let down their guard'; and get in touch with a more sensitive feminine side outside of a ';macho'; male role commonly displayed by conservative thinkers leads them to the company of other like-minded men, who may ';understand them better';.

    Affairs by their nature are covert, secret, and somewhat taboo, like the actual repressed feelings of homosexuality in conservatives, so when the opportunity arises to carry on such a ';back-room'; secret affair, the likelyhood of it being a hidden homosexual affair would be greater amongst conservatives, married or not. Liberals are far less likely to take the position that homosexuality is ';wrong';, so would be more open about these tendencies and relationships, so if you are going to hide it and do it in secret, the latently homosexual conservative male is more likely carry on with other men in their peer group than just another woman. Some married with children may also feel that their family values would be greater impacted by an affair with a woman, and that if found out, forgiveness would come easier if one were to claim that they ';strayed from the path'; due to some illness, trauma, or satanic influence, since after all homosexuality (in their opinion) is an illness and if treated would never happen again.
    I think you're a bit confused here.

    Homosexually started in Liberal Hollywood.

    Other Liberals decided it must be cool.

    Liberal men are becomming drawn into homosexuality.

    No committment as he would have with women as homo's

    have many male partners sexually.

    Sexual diseases are epidemic, but the Press won't put that in print.

    Gays trying desperately to become proud of their sin (Gay Pride).

    Government trying to legalize gay marriages to appease homesexuals
    U.S.Army veteran ? I don`t think so ! The Army doesn`t allow PERVERTS and CHILD MOLESTERS within it`s ranks , Milton ! But nice try anyways !

    Now .......... to the question at hand ..........

    According to recent surveys conducted by major polling firms , it`s the Liberal/Democrat segment of the American male population that hangs around public toilets looking for perverted sex with other Liberal/Democrat homosexuals !

    It was found that an overwhelming 61.093 % of Liberal/Democrat males were involved with , or wanted , homosexual sex on a regular basis ! Of this number , 52.661 % were married ........... to women !

    This accounts for the unexpected rise in hideous STD`s amongst women in marriages , or relationships where either the husband/boyfriend , or both , are Liberals , and/or Democrats !

    Medical professionals expect these numbers to increase dramatically in the next decade ................... at a projected rate of 1.02 % per year .
    So, there have been how many? Two? Three? So, based on the actions of 3 men who you claim to be conservatives (are they really?), that means all conservative men do this?

    Shall we then make sweeping generalizations about blacks based on the examples of Kwame Kilpatrick, Charles Rangell, William Jefferson, and Monica Conyers?

    How about making sweeping generalizations of Democrat unfaithfulness based on Clinton, Hart, Kennedy, Kilpatrick, etc?

    You see, that's the problem of the stereotyping that shallow minds engage in - they basically make intellectually dishonest and stupid claims about whole groups based on a few examples that do not necessarily reflect on the whole group.
    Uh? WTF? as is the norm no link when spouting rant so I guess you are a liar as well as stupid. One or two married conservative closet homosexuals does not make all married conservative men having affairs with men.

    I guess you never saw Sanfords hottie from Brazil, or are you jealous and in denial?

    You should be asking why Barney Franks illegal gay prostitution ring was never brought to court.
    Isn't the majority of homo's on your ticket(democrats) there scooter.

    Funny how a person who is a democrat would then throw an affair between two men out as being ';bad'; when they are the party of Homosexuals all over the country.

    By your own standards of what is acceptable behavior you should not be throwing out turdburglers as an insult.

    What its OK to buttf*ck each other when they vote for your side but not when they are on the other side?????

    Politicians ALL of them are flawed corrupt and inept but you are just stupid and that is impossible to fix.
    they spend entirely too much time tweaking on methamphetamine. (see ';ted haggard';) or texting 16 year old congressional pages (see ';mark foley';.)

    but wait! there's more! have you seen this:鈥?/a>

    (note... i know that website is partisan, but the facts in that particular post are indisputable.)

    of course, it's OK when they do it...

    That's a great question full of facts to support your argument.

    What's funny is this is what liberals do. And then say ';better than 8 more years of Bush!'; Then when we support something with facts, we're told we got them from ';Faux News.'; You guys are so typically ignorant it would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad.
    why do liberal men have boyfriends that run gay prostitution rings from their own basement, and tell the world that everything is fine with the banking industry just before it crashes? oh wait...sorry, that's just your elected officials, not necessarily all liberal apologies
    I have no idea.. but i did learn something in my sex ed class.. The USA is ranked highest for having the type A strain for HIV and Aids.. meaning that the sickness is spread majorly amongst homosexual couples.. yet it doesn't explain why men love men.. I guess.. to much liberty even as a conservative
    I dont think conservatives have a patent on affairs with the same sex.

    Men are men, doesnt matter if conservative or liberal.
    ..Unlike Democratic New Jersey Governors and San Francisco Mayors who give their gay paramours cushy jobs on the taxpayer dime.
    And you have the audicty to call yourself a US Army Veteran ...

    Don't generalize Conservative men
    There's nothing gay about 2 men enjoying each others' bodies.
    I know of two outa millions of conservatives. Do ya think Barney is a conservative! Get a life!
    The same reason Liberal men have affairs with animals.
    Why do Liberals ask pathetic questions like this one. That has nothing to do with politics?
    One is the lonest number.
    so some conservative men are secretly gay... your point is?
    Liberals mocking gays now. What's next.
    that would be the correct answer... no ba$tard child to embarass them.
    Change of pace..They really are open minded, huh? LOL

    Can a married man and woman kiss during ramadan?

    this is asked in the consideration of consuming the partner's saliva.

    I'm sorry I couldn't phrase it any other way.Can a married man and woman kiss during ramadan?
    During Ramadan? Yes

    During fasting? NoCan a married man and woman kiss during ramadan?
    My dear friend salam for you.AIn one opinion,a married man and woman during fasting in ramadan can kiss each other, if it is done without lust or nafs.In another opinion it is haram with or without lust if it is done during fasting before break it.Allah does not give us difficulty.

    Kissing is a sign of love and respect from a husband to his wife can be done at any time.But sexual relation is haram (not allowed) if it is done dring fasting.Only at night a husband can make a sexual relation with his wife.
    According to authentic ahadith husband and wife can kiss eaxh other during Ramadan and fasting. Only intercourse breaks the fast.

    Malik's Muwatta 18.5.14

    Yahya related to me from Malik from Hisham ibn Urwa from his father that A'isha, umm al-muminin, may Allah be pleased with her, said, ';The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, used to kiss certain of his wives when fasting,'; and then she laughed.

    Hope it answers the question.
    Yes if it's a peck on the cheek. Exchanging bodily fluids is haraam during Ramadan from Fajr to Maghrib or if you want English terms from Sunrise to sunset. Anything after sunset to sunrise is hala between a married couple.
    If some one kisses like Al Gore kissed his wife on the stage of Democratic Convention will definitely break the fast.

    Geneal rule is fast will break if one enjoys kissing his wife during the fast. Just a short peck of kiss doesn't break the fast.
    Not during fasting otherwise yes after iftar.
    During the time of fast, no. After yes.
    Yes One can Kiss his Wife During ramadan But not When Hes Fasting !!
    NO, only is it was on the chick ,forehead etc BUT not the lips

    yes...but not while they are fasting

    How to persuade my mum to let me get married to my fianc茅?

    He's 17 and in his basic training for the British Army and I'm 16 and at home with our 4 week old daughter, she doesn't think we should get married even though we have been together for 4 years... What should I say?How to persuade my mum to let me get married to my fianc茅?
    Tell her it's what's best for your baby and relationship. Also tell her you guys feel very strongly about each other and can get married when your 18 whether she likes it or not. That's what i'd do.

    *PS: your baby has a very pretty name :)How to persuade my mum to let me get married to my fianc茅?
    Well. I am sure mum means well. But seriously think about the long run of it. Just because you have a kid together doesnt mean you should get married. However 4 years is long time. Maybe you should sit mum down and talk to her heart to heart. Is the any law where you live about becoming and emancipated minor? Which means you'd be able to become legally undependent from mother. Youd have to ahve a job and your own place to rve your mature enough, just something to look into. But really mum loves you and just wants to look out for you. Just let her know you are doing it because you love danny and iona!!!
    I would listen to her. Marriage is 50% more likely to end in divorce when the participants are under the age of 24. Four years is a long time, but you'll change more from 16 to 20 than you have from 12 to 16. You have a lot of growing up still to do. Having a child doesn't make you an adult. It makes you a parent. Your mom wants what is best for you. Stay with your boyfriend and wait it out. If, when you're older, you still want to marry him, go for it. But I wouldn't rush into it, especially not at 16.
    personally.. there's a part of me that agrees with your mum... BUT if i think about it... you already have a child together... and the worst possible scenario is that you will marry and the marriage fail.. Like a rather high % of the rest of the community anyway....

    so.. I THINK I would give you a chance... you are already always going to be linked by your child... so what's to lose??
    If you're on here asking total strangers for advice on how to talk your Mommy into letting you get married, then you clearly aren't ready. Wait a few years, grow up some, and then you can do it without her permission.
    if you two love eachother, theres nothing she can do.

    either you'll stay as boyfriend and girlfriend until youre 18 and can legally get married, or youll get married now. tell her that.