Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Can someone under 21 drink if they are married to someone over 21?

My fiance told me that he heard this was true, but im not sure.Can someone under 21 drink if they are married to someone over 21?
Not legally.Can someone under 21 drink if they are married to someone over 21?
In the state i live it is legal for a married individual to drink if they are in the presence of their spouse and they have their marriage certificate and a valid id stating they are who they say they are.

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Sure.It's not illegal til you get caught.
no 21 is 21 and that is that

unless you are in the UK then it is 18 but unless you have proof of your age you have to look 21.
No, And don't even start drinking and if you do in the future don't

abuse the stuff. You'll regret it in the morning.
If they are in the UK they could have been legally drinking since they were 18.
no the law is still 21 and it doesnt alter if you are married to someone 21 or over you could illegally though.
You can, but I sucjest u don't because it's agaist the law and you do not want to go to jell trust me
no. You have to be over 21, regardless of your spouses age.
Yes of course you can get married...but you should not be under 17......

If under 17 or 16, you should have the conscent of your parents
Of course not! The law states that: Anyone under the age of 21 may not have any kind of alchoholic beverage!
lol no, itd be kinda like, oh oh, its okay, i can buy alcohol, my husbands 21.. .sounds just a little goofy
Not legally.
Depends on where you live. No where in public. But here in mass you could drink in your home especially if you still live with your parents. Why don't you go to the movies or do something healthier with your time.
no. there is no state that allows a person over the age of 21 to buy or give achoal to anyone under 21
yes... in some states it is legal if your partner is there w/ u and its the same w/ parent and child, if say the parent says they can have a glass of wine or something at a restaurant some states allow for this but u would need to check your local laws to see if your state is one
Only where nobody catches you ! - Like at home.
not legally, but if your partying with people mostly over 21, i'm sure nothing will cause you problems, and there always someone there to buy for you.
i dont think so.

i do know that if your under 21 and your parents let you have it, then you can have alcohol
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo no man
um no - the law is still 21 and up
Not in the state that I live in.
probably had a lot to do with them getting married in the first place.
No one under 21 can drink, regardless if they are married to someone that is over 21.
No dumb ***!
no...just because your with someone 21+? that doesnt change anything...so the answer is....no i dont think so.


  1. actually im 19 and my husband is 29 i can drink in public if he buys me the drinks. look it up if u dont believe it. DUH!

  2. Whoever wrote this is ignorant. You most certainly can drink if a blood relative or spouse over the age of 21 is present and gives consent.